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Learning what Beauty Culture is

I made a mistake. It was rude to judge a female for her physical appearance. When did I do this for a male? I asked myself as a critique.

I asked my colleague, “That lady there has a patchy skin, is it because of excessive use of makeup?” My colleague blinks her eyes and replies, “It is not because of makeup.”

The abstract of an empirical research paper on Beauty Culture reads, “Human beings have always coveted beautiful objects, but the desire to look good is touching new heights worldwide. Although the pursuit of beauty appears to be universal, industry evidence suggests that it is particularly strong in Asia.”

The tendency to look perfect is more for aesthetics- looking well groomed publicly. My elder daughter wears braces on her teeth to straighten her jaw line. My spouse regrets failing to lose weight after being a mother.

Beauty culture is catching up with men, as well. The muscular pumped bodies are forgotten and out of fashion as of date. Today, men look to showcase skinny waist line couple with looks of being agile, likes of Akshay Kumar for middle aged in India. At gyms, the lifting of heavy weights is replaced with more time spent on cardio and abs along with female counterparts.

But the concern to look better is more severe in females. Females focus on what they do not have than what they have. They end up feeling inferior with images of skinny females on social media and even from mannequins displayed at the stores.

I never knew if there was a word called “Beauty Culture”. When I do, it seems to be a subject in itself. I will surely have more to write on this in future.

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