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Learnings from Ghalib- a ghazal interpreted..

इबन-ए मरयम हुआ करे कोईमेरे दुख की दवा करे कोई I will be convinced there is god if he cures my pain of love शर`-ओ-आईन पर मदार सही ऐसे क़ातिल का कया करे कोई Despite all the regulations, statues, rules in place, what punishment will be placed to somebody (क़ातिल) who kills without a tool. चाल जैसे कड़ी कमान का तीर दिल में ऐसे के जा करे कोई One who is full of arrogance, can there be a place for me in his heart बात पर वां ज़बान कटती है वह कहें और सुना करे कोई Anything wrong said to her and she cuts the tongue, what else can you do rather just listening to whatever she says- good or bad बक रहा हूं जुनूं में कया कया कुछ कुछ न समझे ख़ुदा करे कोई I am letting out great secrets about her but Oh! God no one should understand what I said in maddness. न सुनो गर बुरा कहे कोई न कहो गर बुरा करे कोई Do not listen to what bad is said and do not complain if someone does something bad. Meaning excuse people for their sins रोक लो गर ग़लत चले कोई बख़श दो गर ख़ता करे कोई Stop if someone has taken a wrong path, and excuse if someone has done a mistake कौन है जो नहीं है हाजत-मनद (Needy, desirous) किस की हाजत रवा (fullfilling, let it flow) करे कोई Who is not needy and desirous and who does fulfill someones desires.

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