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Lesson on Commitment to Honesty

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When Jassica hurriedly took her bag that she left in the car and headed straight to her room at boarding school, she did not turn back to waive us ‘bye’. I was in tears with eye glands being fortunate to wash off all the toxic watched and retained within.

Earlier in the morning when we started from Delhi for her boarding school in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, she was permitted by her mother to occupy the front seat next to me. She had agreed to make it to boarding school for a year or so but it took a year of persuasion.

While driving, I felt an urge to cheer her up, make her talk more and yet intersperse small pieces of advise. But then I could not have preached on a host of moral values. I instead chose to speak my thoughts on ‘Honesty’.

I told her that we all are honest most of the times and but then it’s an instant when we commit an act of dishonesty. I told her that we tend to break rules when not watched. We lay our claims on stray objects of value in the pretext of keeping it safe for the owner to return and take it back. ‘Honesty’ I knew if simply put is akin to ‘Not Cheating’. But then I had a greater concern on choosing right instances that explain to her ‘Commitment to Honesty’. This is so since even I had been sparingly dishonest. I told her, “Whether you are being watched or not, what does not belong to you is never yours.” This one instance is where most of us have defaulted atleast once in our lifetime.

Actually I thought further  later about a statement I often repeat in conversations, “It’s a sin to lie but truth is not a necessity.” I missed to tell her the difference between ‘Cheating’ and ‘Dishonesty’. When I meet her next I will say, “Lying is to cheating but not speaking truth is an act of dishonesty.”

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