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Unmindful of the fact that not all love stories have happy end, Ravin in “Can Love Happen twice?” falls in love with a girl while on work tour to Belgium. I finished reading this novel within 5 days of Ravinder Singh’s first novel, “I too had a love story”. In this novel, Ravin falls in love quite the same way as he fell in love with Khushi. But I could not relate to his eagerness to marry Simar. What options were left with Ravin, had Simar kept mum about her future plans till marriage? The tendency to add a “forever” definition to any relation in our life is contradictory to definition of “Life is a journey”. Rather than committing an assured future for each other, its more appropriate to assure the present.

Commitment holds true in present since future is always uncertain. We attempt to create a bond via a formal relation. The 5 feathers that Ravin had from Simar could have been used to get Simar to agree to what he wanted. Instead he chose to discuss and sort out the differences. I feel, differences always exist in relations. This is an universal truth and attempt should be to live with them. Remembrance of the fact- “What made you fall in love?”- comes to rescue love in relations. What else helps?

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