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Lockdown helped me fulfill the desires that I longed for

On April 14, I desired the lockdow to be extended further. I am not rich with bank accounts full of cash to desire so. Yet, I did.

I kind of started enjoying the break which is slowly transitioning this break from work to a lifestyle choice which I did not realise that it existed before.

I have, surprising though, spent only one additional one hour from the average four hours on social media.

My time is being spent on doing things that I longed to.

One of those was complete freedom from work. No calls on workdays and I can sleep whenever I felt like.

Two, needed to exercise regularly and more

than once in a day. I get to do this in lockdown and improve my fitness levels.

Three, decide on a theme to write my memoir. I am fortunate to be able to write a chapter till date. I now have more clarity on why would my memoir be meaningful for readers unknown to me. But considering the secrets that may come out in open, it may be in best interest to publish after I turn 60.

Four, I longed to have silence all around in the city I live. My house is adjacent to a road and it has turned so silent that I can hear peacock crying. Luckily, they are audible to their potential mates. I, in my shallow sleep, dream to be in midst of a jungle with voices of wild animals all around. It is a mixed feel of peace and fear, just the way anyone would feel when alone in a jungle.

Five, practise meditation. I use to follow a meditation routine when I was alone at a hostel room in NITIE, Mumbai. Since then, I wanted to return to that peace when I was relaxed amd confident.

Six, decide on a side hustle, a copywriter

or a copyeditor? Not sure yet. But I am part of relevant groups on Facebook.

Seven, explore relevant apps or newsletters that I should subscribe to. Ofcourse all of this is adding to my fixed expenses. I am a subscriber to more paid apps than free ones on my hand phone.

Eight, I wanted to experience slowness systemically. After reading the book, In Praise of Slowness, I wished for experiencing it personally. The lockdown helped me to experience it.

Nine, I was craving for the Kaju curry which I learnt to cook myself.

Ten, We no longer need to order food for the sake of change of taste. I have mastered Kaju curry, Paneer butter masala, and mutter paneer.

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