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Love Aaj Kal- A reality

Quite usual to my decision-making style, I instantly decided on reaching home yesterday evening to take my family (Monica, Jassica and Chutki) for watching “Love Aaj Kal” at PVR Saket. It was going to be first movie in theater for my younger daughter (just about completing 4 months on earth). We were quite unsure about how she will react and if the acoustics inside the theater will impact her ears…quite a risk but we seemed more selfish to enjoy it anyways and lets see what happens..

Surprisingly enough my chutki (yet to be named) did not cry for an instant and infact tried urging out of her mother’s laptop towards the screen- very large with human faces for her tiny eyes especially from row “C”.

Concept of “Love Aaj Kal” was quite a common one especially after several movies on similar concept in Bollywood. The key highlighter were dialogues- it seems the Directors (atleast the new generation ones) are fast catching up with the language and mode of conversation of today’s generation. (I reserve my comments on traits of today’s young for later posts on my blog.)

“Love Aaj Kal” in a way highlights the transactions between “Brain” and “Heart” pertaining to a relationship between a boy and a girl. “Brain” is being played by Saif representing younger generation and “Heart” by Rishi Kapoor representing older generation.

As the story unfolds the boy and girl seem to be overwhelmed by their “Hearts” rather than “Brains” which had governed their relationship until they decide to quit (quite an unusual way from old generation perspective). The key message that I interpreted from the movie is that a relationship is not about being practical but about emotions and emotions logically are part of heart and not brain. Talk of practicality hurts me and have decided henceforth to prefer blogging rather than chatting it out with friends except for usual, often concealed, selfish motives and natural human inter-dependence (usse se kaam pad sakta hain).

As per me “being practical” in personal relationship (relationship defined as transactions between 2 individuals only and not each of their transaction with world about their jobs, career, and falaana falaana) is symbolic of expecting more than giving and trying to measure each transaction. Practicality hurts a relationship and makes it very “brainy” and hence no feelings of fulfillment. Infact anybody who is practical is using brains logically striving for his own motives and desires and hence, no feelings of fulfillment leading to unhappiness.

So guys “Love” rules the world- wake up and accept it. Be Practical!

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