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Monica left me far behind; Jassica teaches me financial planning

Interactions with my wife and 8 year old daughter over the weekends are quite insightful at times. I never felt the need to visit spiritual gurus for peace, happiness and contentment. It’s at home for me.

Status update of my friend on Facebook reads “Feeling a lot spiritual today ….” and I reply “it means you have people around who love you the most”. Few instances in recent past have made me realize that I have just not been doing enough for my love. Monica has gone ahead and done a lot for us.

While returning after shopping, Jassica happens to see a construction site and probes, “When are we buying our own house?” Dream house for her is no neighbors around, a big house with gardens and lawns both on the front and backside. I joke and say “Your father can afford this in a village and that too a very remote one.” As per her experience villages are dirty and roads are muddy. She says, “No Papa, we need to have it in a clean place.”

My response (trying to be logical with implicit assumption that I know more than my daughter), “Your papa will be saving on expenses, see if we save, we will have lot of money one day to have ‘her’ dream house.” I do not remember, when I last dreamt, so it’s ‘her’ dream house. Jassica says, “By saving you can only manage your expenses, and can never have enough to build my dream house.” I laughed and Monica nods in an assuring way that Jassica will lead the discussion with you on my behalf.

She is so right. An aspiring financial planner and was just missing on wealth maximization plans. Monica has been telling me this but then my reaction signified- Love is not only blind but also deaf.

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