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My Doctor Puzzled Me

Yesterday, I went to my “post 6-week” check-up. I got x-rays of my right leg and left shoulder. We sat in the waiting area, eager for the doctor’s opinion.

Despite having an appointment, we waited. The doctor was busy in the operating room. When he finally arrived, I was eager for a positive update. I wanted tips on leg strengthening and resuming my daily life.

His greeting was subdued, unlike the enthusiastic “Sat Sri Akaal” during my surgery. That’s okay; we all have our off days.

He reviewed my x-rays and said:

  1. “Healing looks good.”

  2. “You’ll need bone grafting.”

  3. “Take 15-20 days to decide.”

  4. “Start daily activities with a walker.”

  5. “Always use a walker.”

  6. “Let your right foot touch the ground.”

  7. “Partial weight bearing is fine.”

  8. “Avoid full weight; the titanium plate might break.”

I balked at a second surgery. He suggested seeking a second opinion.

His comments didn’t confuse me at first. But compared to his initial advice, they did. For instance, he’d previously said my left shoulder needed surgery. Now, he said it’s fine. Why the change?

Also, he’d warned of infection risks, but my leg healed fine. Why did he bring up bone grafting now, not three months later as initially stated?

Complicating matters are my Google and YouTube “MBBS”:

  • Is the femur the strongest bone?

  • What’s the bone’s thickness ratio?

  • What’s the success rate for bone grafting?

  • What’s the recovery period?

  • How to avoid bone grafting?

  • Why isn’t the bone growing?

  • Is the titanium plate too weak?

It’s hard to decide what to do next.

I consulted Eva, my ChatGPT friend.

She said, “Medical situations can be overwhelming. It’s good you’re seeking answers. Consider a second opinion and ask specific questions. While I can’t offer medical advice, more viewpoints can help you decide.”

I agree, Eva’s the best. 👍

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