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My First e-bike Review post riding 400 kms

My message to Cyclobikes- the e bike manufacturers

Riding their bike is a great experience but there is always scope for improvement.

Hi Team,

I ridden 400 odd kms of your e-power genius. I live in Chandigarh, 45 years old and an ex-cyclist (participated in state and national cycling championships).

I have ridden road bikes (dropped bars) mostly but bought this with following expectations:

a. Drop bars not suited for casual riding

b. Move to bicycle touring and hence an e-bike with a little push to pedaling will be good

c. Bike should be lighter

d. Angle of riding comfortable but I should be able to enjoy cadence

Your bikes meet almost all of my expectations. Some areas where I feel things can be better:

a. Crank set- the front ones should be bigger. I average 22 km/hr and expected to touch 35-40 on high gears but the crank sets limits it. Maybe give customers a couple of options to decide

b. Spokes of the wheels were loose when I bought. The reseller does not tighten before selling. My weight is 85 kg and I heard sound from rear wheel as if it comes from the motor. But they were spokes

c. Saddle post has some issues and difficult to tighten and loosen with hands

d. No headlight. We need it

e. Tires- can be thinner?

f. Saddle stay- the standard that I does not fit

g. Front basket for long trips

g. Bottle holder space not available. I go thirsty on rides

h. Gear controllers are poor quality. My daughter had a fall and top cover of both the controllers broken.

i. After first 100 km, the motor makes an evident sound and the push is also evident.

My estimates in costing: you guys making 40-50% and dealers make demand 25-30%. So if you guys could lower the dealer margin (which in my experience is tough), you cannot price the bike at Rs 60k.

Your next benchmark should be Rs 1 lakh bike competing harley’s e bike. Royal Enfield does this for motorbikes. You guys can be the RE for e bikes.

Your biggest challenge will be quality Li-ion battery. Hoping you guys get good vendor for it.

The frame and its finish is a winner. You guys are amongst the best there.


All the best.

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