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My Mirror- My Family

“All in my family are so similar to me.” This is the comment I made to my wifey today evening. I see so many personalities within myself.

I am Jassica (elder daughter), Ruhin (younger daughter), my grandfather, my grand mother, my father, my mother, and my wife.

This can simply be considered a conincidence- the feeling of closeness and peace- with so many different souls destined to be close to each other as family. This is simply a miracle for me.

When I am home, it is as if I am living my life across different ages all-in-one-go. My daughter complains of big-extended ears just like me when I was in my early teens. Today, I am asleep by 9 pm just like my grandfather use to. My elder daughter is as shy and conscious about her looks as I was at her age.

I an sincere and devoid of any cleverness when at work just like my father. I seek to be as organized and conflict-free as my mother. I speak my heart out to ones I care for just like my wifey.

I wonder how can I see so many facets of my personality in my family alone. I am sure I will find so many outside my family as well.


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