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My take on Data Privacy

I have changed jobs every 2-3 years and joined a new industry. Irrespective of the role at the Companies I worked for, my professional profile on Linkedin was updated.

This is happening since I first created my profile on Linkedin in 2009. I had no clue how and what influenced my Linkedin feed but I felt like having no control over it. My first post on Linkedin was five years later. I felt overhwelmed by the application.

Professionals had posts about their experiences and contributed articles that made little sense to me. I tried to join some groups and yet could not find any relevant and engaging content that gave me a reason to stick to Linkedin.

At the same time i.e. 2010-2014, when I was learning to use Linkedin in any reasonable manner, artificial intelligence was gaining prominence. But I was clueless, if at all, it mattered to me. I worked for a manufacturing company, a services company, a retail startup, and all the while changed my location from Mumbai to Delhi.

Working with startups and that too in a non-tech environ has a risk of placing you out of the market that is trending- as per the algorithms of Linkedin. I rarely had the bandwith or motivation to worry what my profile on Linkedin talked about. I was focused on my job. And, that what matters when you work for a startup. I believed, “if you have a success story, you get what you aim for.”

I am in my mid 40s, and it is not funny to not have my career anchored to a single company or industry. I know the risks, but then it has its own benefits. But then how can the algorithms of Linkedin help me out. Are they equipped enough to know my preferences and priorities?

Yes, they are equipped. I transitioned from COO’s role to VP Market Development for an AI company. My feed on Linkedin, unlike in the past, changed instantly. I find my feed to be relevant and appreciate the way it could change from a beauty skilling to an AI where both scale and specialisation changes.

I am here to build my career and even without being a paid subscriber of Linkedin, I get what I want. How is privacy relevant to me? The context on concerns about privacy changes. I get something with minimal effort and what does it cost me- simply staying long enough?

I have my feed changed completely. For me, it is effortless. I am able to reposition myself and focus one on my priorities while the algorithms of social media - likes of Linkedin take care of what I aim for.


Ps: By the way, Linkedin or any of my contacts do not know where I stay, what I prefer for food or like to socially interact with.

*apologies for typos when AI takes care of what I intend to

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