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My Take on LinkedIn's Skill-Based Hiring: A Candid Perspective

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I've been noticing a big change in the professional world. The old-school way of hiring based on degrees and job titles is getting a makeover. Now, it's all about skills and learning. And guess what? I've been right in the middle of this shift.

Not long ago, I stumbled upon this report by LinkedIn's Economic Graph team. It's called "Skills-First: Reimagining the Labor Market and Breaking Down Barriers". The report is all about hiring based on skills. It says this approach can help us find more workers, create opportunities, and build diverse teams. But, I think it's important to look at this report in the context of all the other tools LinkedIn offers.

LinkedIn has a bunch of products like LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Insights, LinkedIn Learning, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. These tools are designed to help job seekers like us and recruiters. I've used them a lot in my career.

They're pretty cool, but they do have their limits.

Image to help readers get perspective of what is LinkedIn doing to us
LinkedIn image using AI

For example, people list their own skills on LinkedIn. Anyone can endorse these skills. This can lead to bias. Also, recruiters often need to find someone who fits a specific job title and industry. So, the skills-first approach might not always work.

Experience matters too. Hiring based on skills works best for specific roles. For more complex roles, like a COO, you need to look at many factors. These include industry, company size, culture fit, skills, and experience.

The job market is like a puzzle. Recruiters can't find enough talent. At the same time, skilled people are looking for jobs. LinkedIn is trying to solve this puzzle, but it's a tough one.

So, here's the deal. LinkedIn is changing the hiring game with its suite of tools. But, it's important for job seekers and recruiters to use these

tools wisely. They should also use other methods. The skills-first approach is a good start, but it's not a magic solution. As the job market continues to change, our approach to hiring and getting hired has to change too.

But, let's not forget that LinkedIn has cleverly turned the whole process into a game. By offering tools that both highlight the problem and offer solutions, LinkedIn has made itself a one-stop-shop for hiring and job seeking.

While this approach has its perks, it's important to stay critical and think about the bigger picture. As we navigate this new landscape, let's aim for a balanced and thoughtful approach to skill-based hiring.

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