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My daughter completes her schooling next year in June. I have been madated by my spouse to help our daughter decide the field of education she should pursue for further studies.

My wife believes the impending decision is a high-stakes one and cannot be taken impulsively. Of course she is right but I am personally more concerned about ‘being prepared to be wrong’.

If we reciprocate a high-stakes decision with an equivalent financial commitment then we risk ‘not prepared for being wrong’. For instance, what if I end up paying Rs 1 cr for a medical seat and she decides midway of her graduation to drop and do something else.

Rather, I will provision for atleast 10 different options she tries her hand at before zeroing on one that helps get money and satisfaction.

And I will ensure she is not constrained by the limited choices offered in higher secondary education- non-medical, medical, commerce, and home science.

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