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Not using my DSLR

Not using it anymore. 3 years back, I was excited to switch to a full frame entry level DSLR from Canon- Canon 6D. I was committed to not let it lie hidden in the closet, atleast during the weekends. But gradually, I started giving it a miss when I stepped out for a walk or a jog since it limited my movement.

Further, finding a frame worth clicking is simply not contingent on me carrying a DSLR. I instead started using my iphone.

I could be at ease and click instantly when a frame occured in front of my eyes. Iphone does not have the best of cameras compared to its android counterparts, atleast the versions before iphone 6s. But with least preference on post processing, I was happier, though I would have loved if I had the option of saving pics clicked in raw format.

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