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Ordinary Made and Original in Making

In my teens, I was an introvert with frequent enquiries- Do you like poetry?; Are you interesting in books?- from my parents and their friends. And to be true I was not very interested in books nor had dreams to be a poet. I liked playing cricket and hockey but not very passionate. Later, I picked up cycling as a sport but the effort was again a very measured one. I was sincere but I was unfortunate to have a single hassle free competition. Most of the times, I had a bike failure, a flat tire or a fall. Without hinting an explanation to my failure, I reason that I never desired to stretch my efforts to be in National Team of cycling.

My efforts in academics was just enough to be ‘knowing’ and ‘having clarity on concepts’. I never aimed to be a topper. I lacked the intent as well. Just being good is enough for me. This has given me lots of happiness. And when ‘Happiness’ is never quantified why to strive for more of it.

This may not go down well to an ambitious and passionate but then so be it. I believe I am ordinary. The only other trait that I have symptoms of picking up is being fearless to act original.

Being ‘ordinary’, makes me ‘Jack of all trades’.

And in 40s being ‘original’ will make me a true human.


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