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Our Buddy has a Girlfriend

Our Buddy, a beagle has a girlfriend. She is taller than him but slimmer. She has bright cat eyes full of compassion for him. She has other street dogs following her but has found her soulmate in Buddy.

As parents, she is not of our caste. We cannot let them be one. We have threatened her with sticks, stones, changed our walking route and timings but she appears unexpectedly when Buddy is out for a walk. Is she hiding around trees whole day? How is she going to search food?

Our resistance is failing with every passing day. We now let her come closer and hug and smell Buddy. Today, I ventured further away into a new locality with Buddy, hoping she would fear the dogs from the other locality. But I was alarmed to see her aggression as part she chased away three dogs. And she instantly turns into her softer all surrended body language for Buddy.

I picked a stray piece of wood to threaten her but she came closer to me touched my feet with her nose. As I loom down on her, she looks at me telling why are you so harsh. Did you not fall in love against wishes of your parents? Why are you trying to prove that you do not believe in love and care the least for Buddy who is like a son to you? I threw the stick instantly and let her touch hug and cuddle Buddy with her forelegs and mouth.

Buddy acts like a kid when she is around. At times, he smells her all over, and then gets distracted to mark his territory by urinating. She cries in a shrill tone when Buddy walks away from her.

Buddy is restless, impatient, and clueless when a female is around. May be we as parents should have ensured that he did not remain a virgin so late into his adulthood.

A pampered boy who finds more comfort in us than anyone outside. He would sit for hours near me and in the same room that I am in. All of this has changed when she has come to his knowing. Were they together in their last life? Is it lust or true love?

Buddy lacks energy and enthusiasm to play with us anymore. He is skipping and delaying his meals. He prefers sit out in the balcony staring at the street where she appears several times during the day.

Have we not loved him? Did we raise him with so much love that we loves her more than us?

My wife is sure that we have been the best parents. But I feel jealous when Buddy is more interested in her. He does not play his favorite rug pull game that I played with him since he was born.

As a father, I am possessive. I am not sure if she is the best for him. And why would I be sure, they are no match. She has slim legs way taller than him. Buddy’s coat is mix of black and brown on the top and full white from below all the way till his toes.

Can it not be a one night stand? Should I let her in for a day? Anyways what will society say? We cannot be explicitly supporting Buddy. Our cooperation at best can be subtle one without making it evident that we let him date someone outside his caste.

Anyways the love affair continues unabated and we name his girlfriend Whitey.

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