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Our Prime Minister

When I was a student at DAV College Chandigarh, Manmohan Singh was then the finance minister of India and was termed a ‘hero’ for bringing about reforms in Indian economy. I was fortunate few to receive award as a sports person from him.

Those days he was more of an economist and less of a politician. I know, and for obvious reasons, that even politicians need economists who build some rationality into their false claims and hence he may have landed into politics. Manmohan Singh is knowledgeable, calculative in his statements, pragmatic, sensible and calm, a man of few words in true sense. 

Over the years he has evolved as a politician quite well and politics may be occupying 80% of his mind. Whether its his stance over 2G spectrum allocation scam or disruption of winter session of parliament by opposition he has stood unmoved. We may be critical of his stand for not giving into demand of setting-up JPC for probing the 2G spectrum allocation despite losing a full winter session of parliament.  

What does it finally take to be a prime minister in world’s largest democracy? For sure you need to be shrewd, diplomat and tactful to manage power hungry colleagues and ever critical opposition.

A gentle reminder to dear Prime Minister- While actions speak louder than words, they speak only when initiated on time. Please overcome all the constraints that have grown around you over the years.

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