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Most of the problems in this world are due to inappropriate communication. Religion, ethnicity and economic background all influence and further complicate our interpretations and understanding. I was just reading an article in today’s Brunch (free supplement with Sunday Hindustan Times) that talked about tanned skin and the way it is interpreted across the world. In the Western world, tanned skin is looked upon as a luxury with the person believed to have enough time to bask in sun while in eastern part of the world, tanned skin is related to a person with lower economic status. Interpretations will differ (whether linked to reality or not) and hence the importance of effective communication.

We often hear celebrities appreciating different forms of art stating that art traverses across cultures and national boundaries. Poetry is one such form of expression that communicates effectively to its reader/listener. The choice of words are like sea shells that are handpicked by the poet walking across the sea shore of life.

One of my best ghazal  is by Late Bahadur Shah Jafar. I am impressed by this one since Kings are known for power and authority and this soft expression is a rare one:

baat karanii mujhe mushkil kabhii aisii to na thii jaisii ab hai terii mehfil kabhii aisii to na thii

(Expressing was never so difficult as is now in your assembly.)

le gayaa chhiin ke kaun aaj teraa sabr-o-qaraar beqaraarii tujhe ai dil kabhii aisii to na thii (Who is he who has taken away your peace of mind? Such impatience, my heart was never seen before)

chashm-e-qaatil merii dushman thii hameshaa lekin jaise ab ho ga_ii qaatil kabhii aisii to na thii

(Your eyes were always killing but not such killing, as they are now)

un kii aa.Nkho.n ne Khudaa jaane kiyaa kyaa jaaduu

ke tabiiyat merii maa_il kabhii aisii to na thii

(God knows what magic his/her eyes did that my mood is affected so much)

aks-e-ruKh-e-yaar ne kis se hai tujhe chamakaayaa taab tujh me.n maah-e-kaamil kabhii aisii to na thii

(Who has polished you so much, my reflection, you never looked so perfect before)

kyaa sabab tuu jo biga.Dataa hai “Zafar” se har baar Khuu terii huur-e-shamaa_il kabhii aisii to na thii

(Why do you get so angry with “Zafar”, never before were your dispositions so beautiful.)

Very crude interpretation and apologies if interpreted wrongly.

Thousands of such poems exist that are a beautiful expression of a man’s relation to a woman. There is beauty in everything written whether words are for appreciation, criticism or complain. 

Why cannot we revive this art in our homes, more now, than anything else? Will this not help us change our outlook towards Women? Who can explain the young today that never WAS or IS anything PHYSICAL about LOVE. Its all in the heart. 

Now, heart is not where we all know, I am referring to the EQ that exists in one part of brain itself. Heart between the chest is too busy to beat and keep you living. 

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