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Rational Behavior…haaa haaa

I spent the week watching a few videos on behavioral economics. Yes, I believe it to be an interesting area to focus on.

On a very ’emotional’ note, akin to humans, I am interested since it has to do everything with humans.

In past, I have been on receiving end of adopting a less rational approach in different facets of life. I shared with a Psychiatrist, “I am worried about myself and my family. I feel I am turning old. What do you say?”

He had a logical question in return, “Do you feel your concern to be a genuine one?”

My spouse is a counsellor who has spent good 10 years learning and practising psychology. A couple approached her for confirmation on their decision to divorse.

I asked her, “What did you advise them?” She asked me back for my opinion. I said it’s better to get separated atleast they end the uncertainty about they being happy couple anytime in future. She had a more logical reason not to.

So while we all behave as humans this ‘logic’ thing does not go away. It keeps coming back even to ones who trained themselves in human behavior.

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