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Relevance of a horoscope in life

It’s true for most Indians to have their horoscopes prepared. I am no exception to this. The astrologers prepare a basic horoscope called ‘tewa’ (hindi word for a shorter version of the horoscope focused on planetary positions at the time of birth). But I am not sure if ‘tewa’ as interpreted in the parantheses above is correct.

When kid is a teen, a more detailed version is prepared hoping to address several dilemmas likes of career to choose, probable marriage year etc. This, in my opinion served as a very important guiding resource for parents who were both, ambitious and anxious at same time.

It’s pretty interesting to read the narrative – the least technical part – akin to an essay by an astrologer or a software program (in most cases) uttering it’s own interpretations about your life. I read mine whenever I reach a store box in my closet. The pic below outlines what goes into a box with the horoscope. And accidentally though, it’s pretty logical.

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