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Remembering SID in Me

Wake Up Sid is one more successful production focused on today’s young. Perfect description of today’s youth- no time table in life, partying, gaming and hours spent on internet. Things that director has not considered and which I am appreciative of are smoking and alcohol. I am also appreciative of the fact the SID is a boy who is committed, pure at heart and is ONLY friend with girls.

 “Arrogance” was a term that Anupam Kher (Father) used to describe SID’s (Ranbeer Kapoor playing the role of a Son) behavior and very rightly so. Being son of a wealthy father was not the only reason I believe, for SID to be called arrogant. His behavior to his seniors, disrespect to his mother, friends all constitutes traits of arrogance.

There are times when world around complains and criticizes you for things which you never intended. Two conclusions to be drawn: – Truth is not what you say but what people perceive – Never let your heart out since people around you are calculative evaluating you.

By calculative I mean they are selfish. It seems people have stretched themselves to an extent where only way to prosperity is to earn more and strive for more. That’s what had irritated Debi in “Wake up Sid” when she paid for Sid at the restaurant and cited the reason for hating Sid in college.

Period 1993-1998 was the time when I was like Sid- atleast of his age. I never had enough money but still enough to spend and live comfortably away from my parents. I start liking a girl and she becomes love of my life in February 1996.

The world around changed for me. I was maturing fast on how to make this relationship succeed and gain acceptance of our parents.

Friends and relatives around blamed us, insulted us and called us bad names.

CAT for 1998 was scheduled on December 13 and December 12 was when we decided to get married without the support of our parents. My friends today know what I opted for.

Since then things have gradually moved ahead, people around started believing us and finally today I am proud of what we achieved. Looking back, was it arrogance that was driving me since I was just not ready to listen to anybody?

“Let me do what I do and you have no choice but to agree and support it”- seems described me. The decision to be acceptable to our families have taken away 10 years of our lives. We have struggled and worked hard together and not compromised on principles that helped us to be together. Our trip to Nainital (after 10 years of marriage) was our first honeymoon trip with our two kids.

We have not changed since our marriage- an impulsive decision at 4:00 pm on October 10, 2009 and we were at SRS Cinemas Faridabad to watch ‘Wake Up Sid’.

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