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“Workplace is place of worship. We work hard at this place to achieve our goals that we set ourselves to achieve. Some of us are employers while others employees but basic characteristic of a work place remains the same.”

If what is stated above is true why do we keep hearing of companies trying to set-up amenities at workplace that prompts the worker to show at work for longer hours? May be they have been preached by some consultants belonging to following school of thought- Keep him stay long and he will be worth nowhere except here :).  We are most productive if we work short and specific. Workplace should have minimal distractions and an environment that lets you focus and work better. If we limit the time spent on aligning with each other we will be complete tasks on time.

Imagine a situation- You work with 100% focus for 8 hrs. Leave office at 6 pm to a gym or a game of squash or tennis or an evening back. You return home by 7:30 pm. Chat with kids. Refresh the lessons learned from your kid's books. Eat with them and then go to sleep at 10:00 pm.

Working long is making us socialize less in real life and over-socialise over facebook, linkedin and orkut. Our employer states, “Focus on end results and I do not care what you do” but rates a colleague of yours higher who spends longer hours at work.

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