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Ruhin’s Annual Day at Eicher School

Following words ringed in my ears “Ruhin is a smart girl who cares for others a lot. She loves dancing and has a great sense of colors.”

Ruhin is seen walking across the stage at Eicher School to receive her trophy- an appreciation for her first year at school. My wife, elder daughter and I seated amongst audience watched her, wondered at her confidence.

My usual critic inside asked, “What is so special about annual days at school? Why are they organised?” The parents were well dressed and ready with cameras in their hands. I recalled my schooling and realized that a lot has changed since 1980s.

The program begins at 9 am with a simple welcome speech with no extra efforts to make the chief guest to the function a rare breed on earth. The agenda was outlined quite well when the principal of the school came to stage. She had no written speech and was speaking straight from her mind. She focused on ‘appreciation’ as a reward tool. She shared a very practical approach focused purely on betterment of child’s growth and mental health that ran in the school. I duly acknowledged the importance of appreciation kept recollecting my attempts both at giving appreciation and receiving it.

Post group performances by each of the sections of Pre-nursery, LKG, UKG (4 in each) the students were individually called on stage while the speaker at the background shared their experience with the concerned kid.

Each section was not called as ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’. At Eicher school they called ‘carnations’ for section C and ‘Daffodils’ for section D. It was an excellent yet simple method to give a sense to everything they did. Overall, a well-planned and executed ‘Annual Day’ at Eicher school.

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