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She has the simplest of answers

I was finishing my daily morning regime at the central room of our house while she was getting ready for school. I asked, “Why will someone cheat on money that does not belong to him?” Her simpl reply, “It’s not wrong as per the mindset of such people.”

There are numerous such instances when she had the simplest of solutions to problems that bog me down. But the very instance I hear from her, I emerge clean and dry from the wet mud I found myself stuck in.

Almost two decades back she said, “‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ cannot be defined universally. It’s  contextual. At another event in my life she said, “There is no such ideal moment in our lives. Live the way you want to.”

“All your worries in life stem from the constraint you perceive due to lack of money. Else you are difficult to contain.”, she has been telling me for years.

She is my wife, my friend and mentor.

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