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She turns 58…

My Mom turned 58 on Feb 19 2014. I am not quite sure if her turning 58 arouses any special feelings in her but she openly acknowledges her eligibility to travel by train on concession as Senior citizen. 

By God’s grace she is fit and fine. My father has not lost hope to wake her up at 5 am and make her walk as fast as he does. A slow starter but as an individual she believes in doing only what she is convinced of. But that does not mean she has her way of getting things done at home. She is one of most caring daughter-in-law and most agreeable mother-in-law I have ever known. She is a submissive partner to my father guiding and supporting him for last 39 years. 

She nurtured us (including my younger sister) to have clarity of thought, purity of heart and selfless approach towards life. She is full of remedies (nuskaas) for every minor illness and will not hesitate to administer a second remedy within minutes of administering the first one. She ensures that the problem is uprooted permanently whether from body or from life. 

She weeps when we go away from her. The carefree affection and motherhood is now relived by her through my daughters. She hardly gets enough of me to talk and spend time with. Its not that I am too busy but that strong-independent image to head family responsibilities limits the free flow of my emotions- Can I be very coherent about my fears? Will that not worry her more? Why should I bother her with my problem?

Its been 17 years since I moved out of house for studies and career. Post those formative years, I have been with my mother (infact parents) for few days in a year. 

My love with her today is limited to brief hugs and making her laugh by cracking jokes, now and then. She explains her problems and concerns and I move out post suggesting corrective actions, if any.   

When it comes to gifting I doubt if any kid can buy anything for her mother. 

So, mother you are a must for us and be with us always……

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