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Some good content I found on web

When I run out of ideas either I return to my half read books or browse web for some good content.

I have learnt from experience that aimless browsing on web is not healing, in fact, it harms more than helping. And, I starving for some inspiring content.

Before sharing links to the content that I find inspiring, I would share that I am not a good reader. I have learnt from experience that writing is more for self than for readers, until you paid for it. What do I do to find relevant content?

  1. I prefer subscribing to newsletters. Topics: Finance, self-improvement, Artificial Intelligence, strong brand recall, and that are free to subscribe to.

  2. I search for groups on LinkedIn and Facebook with good content and not promotions.

  3. I enroll myself on Coursera and Udemy. Most courses have good content references.

My first set of some good content that I loved reading or watching:

1. I love photography especially with the least of photoshop (post processing). And amongst genres of photography, I am a hybrid- casual clicks cum street photography. I usually click for memory or for a frame that I like, though most of my recent clicks may define me as a landscape photographer, I travel a bit more than norm since early 2020. I was happy to find content that aimed to reward a no-photoshop work in photography. The link to that article-

2. We all try to balance between marketing ourselves and exercising restraint with social media. How can we master the right balance or mature using it? A good post on this is here:

3. I have been a laggard to follow trends. The bitcoin/cryptocurrency has been overwhelming me despite reading a book on it. Am I missing out on yet another investment avenue (the best I have heard naive talking about)? Better for naives to get acquainted with some terms:

4. I love traveling though learnt about it pretty late in life. But if I am away from home and family for long, I am nostalgic. Yet, I am ready for another one in few

5. I experienced the best Olympics of my life till date. I was kid when I saw

Indian hockey team losing and even failing to qualify for Olympics. I felt Indian hockey players of that era representing lost more than a match. To my surprise and delight, our hockey team performed the best since I was born this year i.e. 2021. This holds true both for women and men’s hockey team of India. What bothers me most choosing sports a career is outlined in this research based article:

I believe the above five are good enough to start reading. I will post some more when I find some more.

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