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Prof Vijay is delighted to see Miss Rosy step into his corner cabin on second floor of the institute. 

Prof. Vijay sported a mustache just long enough to be not called ‘charlie chaplin’. His belly was size of a four-month pregnant lady and given his work routine the belly was expected to be ready for delivery in no time. He had lost his wife 10 years back and usually spent long hours at work. 

His English was minimal and more of a tukh-bandhi that somehow communicated what he wanted to. Once an associate professor peeped into his cabin inquiring about his subordinate who was missing at his desk. Prof. busy engrossed in preparing lesson plan for the new batch of students, was perturbed by the question responded, “He is no more.” Sensing something wrong, he repeated in Hindi that meant ‘left for the day’.  

Rosy had a fair skin and sharp features. Her eyes revealed her bubbly nature. She was just 23 years old but her mature manners matched that of a lady in her mid-thirties. 

Prof. Vijay quickly leans back on his reclining chair welcoming Rosy into her cabin. He runs a quick scan from top to bottom before welcoming her with a broad smile and remarks, “Where have you been? Atleast you should see me once a day. It will make my day.” “Surely Sir”, says Rosy.

She takes the seat opposite to Prof. and pulls the end of her dupatta down so that it rises from around the neck sporting the new fashion of revealing cleavage, just enough to attract attention. Prof. Vijay takes a glance and asks, “What will you have?” and turns around to dial for canteen service. “I will prefer a chocolate pastry and fanta for drink.” 

They discussed work peppered with jokes that Prof. Vijay took lead to share the most. Rosy seemed to enjoy this and never sensed anything wrong in them. Prof. Vijay had a rude tone but never had wrong intentions of insulting anyone. During sessions with students he was very intense, lecturing at top of his voice and was known to lighten the environment with a joke.

Rosy gets up to leave. “I am getting late, my boyfriend is waiting outside.” “You are a lucky girl to have such an obedient boy friend while people do not find such obedience in husbands.What have you done with him?”, remarked Prof. Vijay with a cunning smile.

Rosy left cabin with list of actions she needed to complete before the start of the management development program next week. 

Fifteen days later, “How can you be so irresponsible?” shouts Prof. Vijay just an hour before the start of the program. Rosy responds with a taunt on communication skills of Prof. Vijay rather than accepting the lacking on her part. 

Later, Rosy files a complaint with women commission. She was known to have been pushed by her boyfriend to file the complaint. A commission was set-up to look into the complaint and nothing concrete came up against Prof. Vijay. Finally, after two years of failed attempt to settle down well into the work, Rosy decided to quit. 

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