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Strange thoughts! When I was a child

We all, in our childhood had some strange thoughts. Such thoughts are framed in a child from the limited knowledge that the child is exposed or as a result of his/her unique logic to an observed phenomenon. Most of these thoughts are forgotten as we grow. I have tried to recall some thoughts/belief/understanding hen I was a kid. 

1. Men on clouds with buckets full of water

    Observing dense clouds in skies I used to consider it as some kind of a boat sailing in the sky with men on boat who are carrying buckets full of water. 

    a) Where did they get the water from? My Logic: They collected the water from nearby pond. 

    b) But if buckets are being overturned from clouds why does it not rain as water flowing from the tap in the bathroom? My Logic: Distance is too much and        hence water thrown will fall like drops and also they guys on clouds overturned the buckets intermittently so that it felt like it rained and not poured. 

    c) How do the guys on clouds chose where to pour water? My Logic: They are instructed by God to be even-handed and hence pour as they sail over the earth.

I must have been 5-7 years of age and had been educated that clouds get water from water bodies like rivers, ponds, etc. But the phenomenon of evaporation was learnt much later. 

2. Playback singers and musicians hide behind the bushes when the actors are seen singing

Once while watching Chitrahaar on Doordarshan, I questioned myself- Do actors sing themselves? I was told by my seniors that there are playback singers who do this. They just mimic. 

    a) But why can I  not see them? My Logic: They are hiding behind bushes and camera is trying to avoid them. However, be alert there is possibility that you happen to see them by accident.

b) Why do they need to around? My Logic: Since recording is on, all things have to be performed simultaneously to capture else no way can we get to hear the songs when actors perform.

3. How do we get pictures on our TV? My Logic: They come is form of gas and become picture when reaching the TV screen. 

4. Hugging by actors and actress

    a) Do they really hug each other? Are they not shy? My Logic: Yes. But I was told that no they are shy and hence only pictures are brought together to show that they are close. 

5. Children are given by Hospitals. 

     a) How do children come in this world? My Logic: Its only doctors who have babies that are gifted to couples visiting them. When I grew up a little I could see ladies with bulged tummies expecting to deliver. 

     b) My next logical question was how are children born? My Logic: Must be from the rear side just like I had seen animals deliver babies. 

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