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Sultan- the male tiger of Ranthambore

Zone 1 was allocated to us for the evening safari at Ranthambhore National Park. I cribbed and considered it to be a waste of time and effort.

But in next 30 minutes my feedback changed. After traveling to the end of Zone 1 we decided to wait. The guide considering me the most outspoken and anxious asked me if we should go towards the entrance gate since we found no other Zone 1 vehicles following us. And to my surprise he was right.

In 15 minutes we were 15 feet away from Sultan (a male tiger who is 3 years old). He was lying on the ground just next to the mud track that gypsies driving through the zone follow.

For next 1.5 hours we were sighting the tiger who occasionally raised his head and gave us positions that were encouraging for an aspiring wildlife photographer.

The pictures I got to click were some of the best and very special. Long live tigers in Ranthambore- the best home for them in India.

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