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The idea of Romancing the God

I am trained to be disciplined when at the place of worship. For instance, I should be wearing full sleeves shirt, no shorts, covering my head, and sit with folded legs facing the priest who recites from Guru Granth Sahib.

The discipline stayed with me till my mid-20s when I met a religious person who believed in 'discipline' but simplified the approach to talking and thinking about God. A few more years and I read and understood about Sufism.

Moving to the mid-30s, I was less fearful of God. By my late 30s, I believed 'God won't punish me. He does not, and he won't. My discipline turned to surrender.

Currently, in my 40s, I am romancing God, I think. Unlike in my late teens and early 20s, I hardly visit the Gurudwara. At times, I feel I have forgotten God altogether.

But when I do visit, I feel healed and neutralized of all negative energies. I close my eyes and do not feel like leaving the place.

Some anecdotes may have influenced my approach toward God. I am sharing some that my uncle used to talk about quite often.

a. A priest's wife left him. He worshiped Lord Rama at the temple. Months passed, and a passer-by wished the priest learned about his trouble. The passer-by suggested worshiping Lord Hanuman, who was opposite Lord Rama's temple in the same village. The passer-by said, "You pray the wrong one. Hanuman Ji rescued even his wife."

b. Become 'Sabri' in your life, i.e., patience is key to achieving what you want. I see this similar to what we read about the 'Law of Attraction.'

One of the best lyrics I heard yesterday resonates with my feelings about God. I know God loves 'Love' and 'romance' in worshippers. And, most importantly, 'Innocence' and 'Acknowledging' the learnings we receive subtly.

Lyrics in Punjabi:

"Jee krda ajj mera

K main dil da kad gubaar devaa'n

Dharmaa de dhundle sheeshe te

Main sach da pathar maar devaa'n

Main mandir de vich allah allah akhaanga

Mai gurudware vich naam raam da bolaanga

Mai ghar khuda de jaake baalu mombattiyaan

Main issu de ghar jaake roza kholaanga

Ik daa path hai padhea

Ik nu japda haan

Nanak da putt haan 13 13 tolaanga

Ik saar hai paani ganga te har mandar da

Choudar da saara jhagda nahi koi andar da

Ik hi rukh diaan aaps vich shaakhaawaan lad diya ne

Te main har nafrat vich pyaar pataasa Gholaanga

Rabb deyo bandeyo

Rabb karke Uss rabb nu Jaano

Mazhabiyo wakhreve chadd ke Ik pachaano

Bhaavein zakhmaa naal chehra lahu luhaan hove

Par main maanawta de charni hanju dolaanga

Nanak da putt haan 13-13 Tolaanga"

Links to Youtube video:

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