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The year 2021 of my life

I had a promising start to the new year as I was clear about my goals both at work and home. I aim to tour on a bicycle as well. Maybe I like my Interceptor 650 bike more post selling the Himalayan in November 2020.

After a year of indecision, I was particular about Mom getting her left knee replaced. Dad agreed while Mom was hesitant as she feared surgery. After consulting a couple of doctors, we decided to go ahead with her surgery in February. Dad does a great job taking care of Mom. I helped cook while Monica was at work.

While I struggled to master prospecting in the new role as a Salesperson at work, the confidence and support of the leadership team kept me focused. I had a goal to achieve by September 2021 (I blogged about this on Linkedin). I enjoyed working from home.

The second Covid wave leads to an extension of the deadline to rejoin school in person. Online classes and preboard exams keep our daughters lazy and busy.

The first hint of a problem with my lower back began in January. It got severe with occasional cramps in calf muscles. I could hardly walk straight as my left foot felt numb. I could not shift my body weight from my right leg to my left leg due to numbness. I tried physiotherapy sessions, stretching exercises at home, cycling, Chiropractor, Orthopedist, and a Homeopathy doctor. A combination of all may have helped, but two things that helped me recover 90% are:

a. Going ahead with my bike trip in August last week against the advice of the Orthopedist and parents. On the second day of the trip and I had no pain and was enjoying offroading to eastern Ladakh- Tso Kar and Tso Moriri circuit.

b. Dad's friend helping with a combo medicine

I healed 90% but could not jog yet. I focused on cardio workouts at home and lost weight, quite surprisingly in a month i.e. October. My longest walk of the year happened a couple of weeks back in December when I cover some 6.38 km.

The second wave of Covid made me sad especially when my younger cousin lost her husband. And, the death of a 21-year-old distant relative of my cousin due to post-vaccination complications.

My elder daughter clears her 12th exam. She will be joining the Bachelor of Design course. We expected her to be more talkative, proactive, and confident. Our younger daughter attends school in person from June. Jassica made her first solo trip by air from Gandhinagar in September. Last month parents returned to Jamshedpur for winter. Monica is a visiting faculty for a counseling course at a B.Ed. Degree college in Lucknow. She also travels to Bhatinda for a paper presentation. I sold my DSLR and the road bicycle that I owned for 7 and 8 years respectively. I rationalized my decision to sell the road bike to get into bicycle touring and ride more often on my Giant hybrid.

Monica decides to pay a surprise visit to our parents. Both our daughters agreed to her plan after some bickering that her Mom always won.

A foggy day here in Chandigarh today (December 27, 2021). Buddy and I are sitting next to each other.

Key Stats for the year as of December 27, 2021

a. Weight 85 kg - reduced 4 kgs between October and November

b. 165 workouts; 106 hours; 873 km; running only 6.9 km

c. Posts on Social Media- Instagram (not Reels) : 160; Linkedin: 60 posts and 4 Articles; Medium: 5 articles; On website ( 4

Plans for next year:

a. Journaling both on DayOne and in the diary continues.

b. I believe journaling about my spending habits will make me better with personal finances.

I wish happiness and prosperity for all. Have a great year ahead.

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