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There is nothing called “Easy”

Yes, there is nothing called “easy” if it is not repetitive. First, our brains are best at optimizing the effort- spending the least energy. And Second, our brains prefer routines.

If you are like me then our brain is the greatest barrier to our goal- getting better at new things. I have desired “stability” when the effort is minimal- life goes on, enough money to fulfill my desires, and a position of authority and respect.

But I understood “stability” wrongly. It is not about settling down. It is in fact about living with the flow.

If I am not at conflict with my close ones and myself, I am good.

If I am open to explore myself with new things and that does not stress me, I am good.

If I am carefree and ready to take a challenge without complaining, I am good.

If I am focused and sticking to basics of any new routine, I am good.

If I am selfless, cooperative, and positive, I am good.

If I am naughty and yet not destructive, I am good.

If I fear but not get overwhelmed by those fears, I am good.

If I am fitter and devoid of any ailments, I am good.

If I am open for an unsettling feeling inside, kind of anxious, I am good.

If I am good at all of the above, the good news is that our brain can rewire itself to fulfill what I desire.

And when this happens, I am at zero conflict between my body, mind, and outside world.

This is when you are ready to do what comes in your life.

Does this make sense? Let me know.

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