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Thinking Women

I have evolved in my thinking and feelings for opposite sex. I am entering 40s now.

In my teens, I looked upon girls as attractive and beautiful to stare at. Good to talk and be in their company. By my late teens, I did not mind fantasing having sex with any of those I felt attracted to.

In early twenties, the feeling for the one I fell for was of commitment and respect. But for others it turned indifferent. I did think for anyone other than my love.

In my late twenties, the relationship with females extended to being a father as well. It did not matter to me about the gender of my kid. My emotions towards females otherwise continued to be of indifference. However, I did not spare a glance if someone with attractive-physical attributes passed by.

In early thirties, despite parenting one more daughter, my approach towards females hovered around their physical attributes. I did not mind talking to ones I felt attracted to. Discussions with some extended to sharing their preferences about sex as well. At this phase of life, my belief about women seeking a purpose before deciding to have sex were put to test. Some preferred to give it a try or ‘experience difference’ but not without ensuring the secrecy of the act.

In my late thirties, my approach with women was more balanced. Even if some opened up about their unhappiness including but not limited to physical needs, I did not end-up in bed fantasing to have sex with them. The nuetrality has returned and approach is ‘as it comes’ and no effort to impress anyone with any special interest.

Today, when I am in early 40s, the whole physical thing has vanished. I am no longer interested in even a stare. Forget fantasing. I have begun to feel that women are different when it comes to their approach towards events in life. Let them the way they are. Let them be free in what they want to. Never preach them. Advise only when asked to and with no expectations of bein rewarded in any manner.

Today, I seem to be laughing more at jokes of husband-wife and how women at times miss a point that a man is trying to make. Despite all of physical attraction etc. In early stage of my life, I have never been aggressive towards any of them.

I will continue to be so but why spare a laughter on driving skills of women. I am now sure they do not need special treatment. They love and prefer to be close to men who are casual towards them, less demanding and generous (ofcourse in spending; they all love gifts- pun intended).

Happy Women’s Day

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