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Too much of this ‘entrepreneur’ thing

I am facing situations at work that are recurring and yet my reaction towards them does not change. I am sticking to my core approach – I am right and I am the only one to be right. This sounds like being arrogant. But there is other side of the story too.

I have worked with the loyalists basking in the glory of trust of their bosses- the so called entrepreneurs aspiring to be millionaires.

I have known entrepreneurs facing the dilemma to delegate after hiring someone who draws more salary than them.

I have known entrepreneurs who demand challenge but instead end-up getting their ‘kick’ only by stirring an unrest within their teams by calling for unrealistic and/or dramatical outcomes.

I have faced entrpreneurs who are not loyal to their loyalists. They know the fact that loyalists are around- neither do they want them to leave nor let them grow.

I have faced entrepreneurs who fail to trust their new hires.

I have known entrepreneurs who actually hire for creating job titles but not delegate decision-making.

I have known entrepreneurs who expect someone to take blame for their failures.

I have known entrepreneurs who believe bringing funds was the most important contribution they have brought to their ventures.

I have known entrepreneurs who are smart at using words of appreciation to get their goals achieved.

I have known entrepreneurs who know that they do not mean what they say in their team meetings. And yet, they expect results from the words they utter.

Entrepreneurs are just like employees. Let us stop glorifying any and all of them for being ‘beyond ordinary’ or ‘specially gifted’. Amazon or Facebook is not valued in markets for their promoters alone.

I am yet to coin a word that defines entrepreneurs and employees alike.

We are all entrepreneurs within the realm of our respective skill sets. The only fact being some of us may not have succeeded in fooling the investors to part with their wealth.

(This is an expression of reality and to be read with a premise that none of us is perfect.)

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