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Trending on New year eve

On new year eve, listed below are some trends that I sensed or hypothesized to turn into reality in coming years…

1) Market for small cars is shrinking. SUVs are a fascination. Good to see that manufacturers had to customize the SUVs to fit Indian customers' budget. Last year it was XUV 500 and this year DUSTER.

2) Indian Women may have to be more patient before she gets her rights- the wait seems to be longer. Jai Mata Di… 

4) Health consciousness is on the rise. Till few years back Baba Ram Dev marketed yoga that prompted people of adopt healthy living style. Going forward we may get to see marathon runs and sporting events like skating, cycling and golf taking lead over yoga.

5) Preference for football over cricket represents a divide between HNI and middle class of Indian society. Football is preferred over cricket by kids of HNI (High Networth Individuals). Cricket is left to middle class kids- My friend highlighted this to me and I believed it instantly.

6) Privatization of hospitals will reduce dependence on government hospitals. Within next 5 years we may see hospital chains in smaller towns of India. Where will they find good doctors? God Knows!

7) India moving towards presidential democracy..with decisions delayed and falling credibility of politicians what else is the option. But this may take another 50 years..

8) Online shopping may not be cheap for long. Dear Entrepreneurs of E/M-commerce industry please plan to make money from day ONE. Loyalties of customers are low and will not stay long to let you en-cash them. 

9) Gaming on couch is gone. More innovations on virtual gaming are on the way post launch of Kinect by XBox.

10) Networking sites like FB and Twitter may not last another 5 years.

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