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I happened to be included in my school group. We parted in 1993 to re-unite via this whatsapp group in 2015. I was lucky to have stayed in phone memories of a couple of them to be back with my kindergarten friends with whom we completed full 10 years of schooling.

One of friend Lokesh mentioned about my interest in sketching.

I was surprised tto hear from him that I was quite good at it. I know I was not but yes when I resorted to sketch landscapes I got lost wondering if such place existed somewhere.

A couple of years I took up photography quite seriously and then learned about mid and high tones. I began to understand light and the shadows it formed.

My wife gifted me a drawing book and there I go at attempting it post two decades.

I am now focused on replicating what I see in a

sketch guide book.

I look forward to keep repeating this along with my photography.

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