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What should change with New Government?

The New Government at the Center will have to cross the chasm from EXPECTATIONS OF DEVELOPMENT  to EXECUTION. For last three decades we saw the coalition governments that were mostly indecisive. Regional parties gaining prominence at National level. But the election results this year (2014) will be remembered for the times when Indians voted for party that had significant national clout and could deliver on what is required to run a country. Regional parties had small loyalty base in their respective states but could not deliver anything great for their respective states through their elected MPs (Member of Parliament). So its a bye bye for regional parties from the Parliament.

Few things that need to change and change very fast with New Government are:

1. Definition of “Development” in our country should evolve from basic needs like electricity, water and roads. It should in next few years be about better health, better education and more employment. In another decade or so it should be about income parity, agriculture development, R&D in emerging sciences etc.

2. Taxation structure should be skewed towards the businesses rather than employed. This can be achieved must faster. With more disposable income the Common Man will have an opportunity to make a true economic profit out of his working life.

3. Manufacturing in India has lost its edge but atleast get the best manufacturing companies in the world to set-up their units in India. We are atleast good in terms of low cost human resources. Efficiency and scale is already with China.

4. Sports infrastructure in this country should be overhauled. Its one of the best available options to get the poor to enter mainstream employment. We should de-link from the thinking that sports is for the rich and not for the poor.

5. Ignore the problems with neighbors like Pakistan and China. Better be silent and keep moving.

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