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What to read and rely on?


There was an article a couple of weeks back in Hindustan Times Sunday edition about “Digital Addiction”. I also watched a video titled “Look up” shared by one of my connections on Facebook. Both of the above talked about the distraction due to technology in our lives.

I also came across an article in Economic Times on how is marketing using Twitter to market its products. It also talked about the way it incentivized the users who recommended its products to others on net and amongst her circle.

Above developments make me recall what Levitt said in his book ‘People to respond to incentives’. I am quite intrigued by this behavior of the most intelligent and rationale human on earth. Its takes an instant for anyone of us to get biased for incentives.

Moving further, on same line of thinking, I am inclined to believe that anything that we read on net is not an unbiased content. This is critical since for some of us content on net is one of the mediums to gain knowledge and wisdom, if possible.

So when we realize that with every passing day the content we tend to believe to be universal is actually a smartly crafted marketing strategy, we are left with one of the options:

A) Use our conscience to qualify everything that we read on net, or;

B) Better stay away from net as much as possible and return to reading the holy scriptures likes of vedas, Koran Sharif, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwad Gita etc.

Atleast here the interpretations of them will be closely linked to our personal experiences and situations faced in our lives.

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