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When I had nothing to read..

nothing to read

Despite all the plans, regular routine and efforts to keep doing only the relevant and important things in life, there are phases when we are simply blank, unplanned and unclear about our priorities, choices and interests. Its been a month now and I did not have a relevant book to read that both enhanced my knowledge and still seemed interesting to me to get fully engrossed in it.

In my daily routine for last three years or so, I have realized that I have stopped browsing net for an update on current affairs. My inquisitiveness to find relevant content (related to my area of interest) on internet is gone. I have stuck to newspaper for headlines and limit my focus to 1-2 articles in a day. I have almost given up on watching television.

But despite all this, I want someone to keep producing relevant content before me that not only interests me but also improves me as a person. I am not sure technology will be helpful here. My friends and professional circle surely may be more helpful but then sharing is today not looked upon the way it was in a generation when I or my parents were kids.

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