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When my brain was overworked


I had returned from Diwali holidays from our home town Jamshedpur. Our return to Delhi was planned to have a full weekend to acclimatize to Delhi winters, clean the house and catch-up with work and thoughts that my brain was pre-occupied with before seeing my parents. I exercised everyday at Jamshedpur and spent good time at my avocation of street photography, though not to my full satisfaction.

On my return I quickly got back to  my usual routine. I opted for a 100 km ride on Sunday before visiting my friends from school at a re-union. But by the evening I fell ill. It was flu with high fever. Whole of following week was spent on bed experiencing extreme levels of weakness. But that was not the case for my brain. It was mindful with experiences, thoughts and worries and did not let me have a peace-of-mind and further aggravated by limited physical activity.

This situation of mine was very different from my usual dexterity at multi-tasking and transitioning effortlessly from vocation to my avocations and then back and then forth. All of this changed when I happen to discuss this with a psychiatrist. He prescribed a set of two tablets (dietary substitutes) of amino acids that provide protein to the brain.

I was back to normal calmness and stable state within a day. I am happy now. We have doctors who can cure our mind as well. Why shy away from them?

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