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When my parents were clicked napping

My parents reached Canada for their second trip in 7 years time. The first time when they had visited Canada, the feeling was that they may not visit again simply due to money constraints.

I am happy they could make it for their second trip to visit their daughter. As per me, it was a much needed trip since they have rarely gone on vacations when young. They have, over the years, limited themselves socially. Hence it was important for them to take this break.

Unlike last time, the pics that are being shared from this trip are reflective of their comfort in the new environment. They are cherishing the moments as occurring to them in presence. One image that makes me reflect deeper into their likely state of mind is shared below.

They have a habit of waking up early morning. And this pic must have been clicked either by my sister or brother-in-law. I have seen my father taking a nap on a chair in the same posture before. Irrespective how sleepy he feels, he will not go to bed during the day time. My mom usually tells him, “why are you straining yourself. Sleep is so special and if you feel like having it welcome it by lying on bed.”

I have never seen my Mom in this posture before. She is usually active and keeping herself busy in kitchen and if not in kitchen then she will be moving around, dusting the house. She is rarely seen resting on a chair and taking a nap.

The slippers under the chair are reflective of the rest they get after its owner’s feet are lifted above. Considering the age of my parents, this image is reflective of the impact of ageing as well. It is like veterans who have just completed their peaks in life and now are valued for their wisdom and less on action.

The view of garden, peaceful surroundings, and fresh air of the morning in Abbotsford may have put them to sleep. It is a pleasant image that would stay with me for ever.

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