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Where are the old guys?

Despite being employed with a manufacturing company for last 6 months, I am yet to meet an employee of age greater than 50 yrs whether in my or other companies that I visited. 

My office is located at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon and I pass through the BPO/Service companies' office cluster at Cyber Greens. Assuming my eyes have not got biased to only look at young, I rarely saw employees who would be in her fifties. 

Of course we may have department heads/CEOs/CFOs etc. in their fifties but how many of us have seen a floor manager or a manager aged fifty. Not all get to grow up the corporate ladder with age. Working age has surely come down but old also seems to have vanished from our corporate environs. Two possibilities may emerge in future:

a) Excluding those who grow to take role of a CEO etc., others aged fifty plus may have opted for an early retirement. They may be doing some part-time job or experimenting their entrepreneurial skills.

b) Or may have joined some other sectors like chemicals, textile, steel manufacturing etc. that are usually located outside the city limits or metros.

I leave this to be probed further by research companies but surely a warning signs for all of us in their mid-thirties- Either grow or perish.

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