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Why I did not Vote?

Voting is one of the key fundamental rights and we should take pride being citizens of India. But I did not.

1. When it comes to making a choice we are either indecisive or biased in favor of a particular political party or a leader. After all what do we need from a good government? A stable environment where the economic activities are performed in a fair and transparent manner.

2. In a capitalist society when everybody is expected to be atleast sincere in earning their own bread we have underprivileged and or poor who seek rewards from their political choice that assures them an easier life. Is this right? A night stay by Rahul Gandhi or an evening tea by Narendra Modi at a poor’s place does not give her the right to have a secure job and or a well built house.

3. The other thing about democratic set-up is criticism. It serves no purpose and most of the times its either unwarranted or irrational. Any level of effort towards development is criticized by the opposition. Its disrupts the environment and finally the struggle is to win the seat and replace the existing elected while it will democratically. 

4. If we talk about manifestos that parties release before elections it does not take an economics degree to comprehend the brazenness of the manifesto released. After all who remembers and who is punished for not fulfilling what was promised.

5. If we try to understand what a common man in our country demands, its limited to basic amenities- electricity, roads, hospitals and schools. Thats it? Do we really need to depend on our locally elected members to help achieve this? Is it not the concerned local departments responsible for this? They continue to be corrupt and inefficient. Since independence we have elected several political leaders but bureaucracy remains unchanged.

6. Fighting elections is a luxury resting with rich only. Poor’s find their representatives amongst the rich that gets elected.

Despite all this there was no harm in exercising my fundamental right for the sake of it. I will surely the next time. 

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