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Why is it not my job?

Psychologists rate people with mild levels of anxiety to be the ones who excel and do pretty well in their lives. To decode the anxiety as a personality trait one may not need to visit a psychologist every time. Observing our behaviors when at work can help us find out whether we are the chosen one.

People with mild to high levels of anxiety exhibit most of below traits:

1. Think about work beyond their profile

2. Think work when not at work

3. Always having a sense of urgency to accomplish tasks faster

4. Worried about quality and pace of work delegated

5. Focused on work profile rather than the position or designation

6. At times not able to explain the viewpoint effectively

7. Get into arguments and start taking discussion personally at times.

8. Good multi-taskers

9. Deliver best of the solutions when relaxed and stress free

10. Change jobs quite frequently

Finding a resource with high degree of ownership and sense of responsibility is not an easy task. Its better to let them work  with mindset of “Why is it not my job?”

Its better not to have all smart people work ONLY for you. We also need “Why is it not my job? types.

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