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Why will you not fall in love again?

Love is one of the most exploited word in this world. Its understood less and experienced even lesser. Any deliberate attempt to experience it and one may fall flat on ground. Its just like any other emotion best enjoyed when allowed freely within us. However, in our quest to live better we have defined everything quite tangibly in our life and hence the deafness to the sensation of love. Our definitions of happiness and contentment are linked to wealth that we yearn for. We do not believe in giving and being selfless.

Suchit and Sushi were attracted to each other while they were MBA students at SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies). Suchit belonged to middle-class family from Bokaro in Bihar while Sushi was second daughter of a trader from Manali. Both had a very contrasting upbringing. Suchit had that bold Bihari touch  in his approach just like some Bollywood movie in which the hero could romance any girl but the guy who eyed his sister was not be spared.

Sushi, on the other hand, had grown in an independent family where the mother suffered ill-treatment by her father. Sushi had quite a few males friends since school days. She had grown to talk to boys without any hitch of gender difference and her frankness at times came straight on the face leaving the person (male/female) speechless.

Despite subtle differences in their nature, Suchit finally fell for Sushi. Sushi got attracted to raw, unpolished nature of Suchit- one who enjoying evening drinks with male friends unlike a chocolate-hero type romancing girlfriends in a hostel room. They had a live-in for a two years before they decided to get married.

After some 5 years of marriage they were still not well settled in a traditional sense of Indian marriage, atleast. Sushi did not want to have kids while Suchit wanted for the sake of his parents. The differences in their approach and behavior towards each other were well known to them. Suchit given his conservative upbringing had developed an insecure feeling about Sushi’s friendliness and openness. He doubted everything that Sushi did but dared never to be upfront about this with Sushi. He feared Sushi’s angry nature and outburst when she did not mind throwing things at him and creating a nuisance. Suchit’s worst fears- What will neighbors think of him?

On the other hand, Sushi continued to live life independently and kept coming back to Suchit to share special moments. She cared for him a lot- kept her clothes ironed, ensured he had food before he left for work, took care of cleanliness of house and while she pursued her career as well. Suchit had a decent job and would have preferred a home-maker wife but could not tell Sushi to be the same now. So somewhere he was compromising inside. The same traits that had attracted him to Sushi were now not welcomed by him when she is with him for life.

Instead he was getting attracted to a more traditional girl in his office who was caring the way he wanted. Sushi, on the other hand, was connected to a close colleague in her office. Sushi knew Suchit’s attraction to Priyanka and just wanted that he acknowledged it before her. That’s it. She was ok with Suchit being close to someone else as well. Sushi’s approach was more defined. She still loved Suchit for the all good things and did not mind being close to some one other who had traits that were missing in Suchit.

Moral: We, in our lives have some traits that bring us close to someone. Same traits may attract some one else to us, as well. What we end-up worrying is about accepting and getting this new relation accepted and defined in our lives.

So while falling in love is un-avoidable, why will you not fall in love again is a question to ponder upon.

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