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Why you should not look for a new job?

People end-up searching for a new job for varied reasons. While they have a convincing rationale to explain others, they fail to realize the exact reasons within and evaluate them thoroughly. Money is one of the key factors they often get carried away. Forget evaluating reasons for change, most of them fail to decode the new company’s CTC structure which may be hiring them under pretext of higher increase ultimately paying far less. 

Before identifying the reasons for NOT changing a job, what situation(s) or reasoning prompts to upload their resume on Naukri should be listed:

Boss Related:

  1. Hate his personality and behavior. 

  2. Takes credit for my work.

  3. Preaches transparency but practices conflicting task allocation amongst colleagues.

  4. He knows nothing. I am better not report to a person who knows less than me. I wonder how is he my boss.

  5. He is using me to meet his task and will render me useless in company the day he has a back-up for me.

Job Related:

  1. I have a monotonous job. Sick of coming to work at same place with same frowning faces around.

  2. I have an ugly workstation and no one cares or respects me. Only select seniors in the company are respected. 

  3. I have a new role before I have settled well into the existing one. 

  4. I actually do not like my current job. I landed up doing it accidentally. 

  5. My father earns enough so why should I slog for someone else.

  6. My current profile is name sake. Actually I have no job that could land me a new job easily. So lets move before its too late.

  7. I have mastered my current job and equivalent to a Doctorate. Lets explore out I am sure I will be able to perform.

  8. I will not be paid enough in my current company for this role.

  9. The role may not last in my current company and I will have to change job since I am not ready to accept anything other than the current one.

  10. My colleague wins “Best Employee” reward while I fail to get one.

Money Reasons:

  1. My friends are earning more

  2. I am yet to buy a house.

  3. I need to own a car or a bike. 

  4. Salaries are delayed as if my employer does not feel like paying me. 

  5. I performed very well but then annual appraisal will average 10%

  6. I already have an offer paying me 40% more.

Despite the easy way out, taking up a new job has its own challenges and at times and with some adjustments and thinking style you are better to continue in current job:

  1. Start thinking like a businessman- just like your employer. Keep asking yourself- Why should I continue to be paid? Answer to this is easier to find with existing employer.

  2. In case of Boss related issues, you are better off dealing a ‘Known Devil’ than an ‘Unknown One’

  3. You already know your boss’s strengths and weaknesses; leverage them to your and your employer’s advantage.

  4. Be proactive at work this is possible only if you know what to do and enjoy the support of colleagues. In new company you will not be able to get this comfort with ease. 

  5. Proving and establishing your credentials takes time. Better stick to current job them re-start it somewhere else. Remember- time not only heals old wounds but also create favorable biases.

  6. Stability of a job is letting you plan for other things in life better- more time with kids; comfort of taking leaves; personal favors from colleagues; family connection etc.

  7. Accepting change in a well-known set-up is far easier than in a new environment.

  8. Better-off spending energy getting more efficient in current job than finding a new one.

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