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Wishing my daughter a happy 18th birthday

She is more playful with her younger sister these days. My daughter who turns 18 years tomorrow spent her childhood as a lonely child. She did have school friends when were in Mumbai. But it changed completely when we shifted to Delhi.

Since her toddler days she seemed to be a nervous child. She feared puking even before she learnt to speak. I recall when she was just 40 days old and joined me in a new city first time, she cried late till midnight. She may have been restless to new surroundings.

Today, she prefers to sleep and rest on one side of the bed in her room. She feels secure and happy there. My spouse and I reason her to be introvert. But, she may not be same, henceforth. I was the same, till I turned 18 and moved out of home for higher studies. She will also be leaving us in less than 12 months to lead a life with lessons learnt from personal experiences.

When we decided to mover her to a boarding school for couple of years, she accepted the decision and did well at the boarding school happily with no troubles at all. After returning home last year, she changed a lot. She is far more accommodative, social, and friendly. Today, she enjoys the presence of her 11 years old younger sister.

Occassionally, I surprise them by barging into to their room, pretending to be searching soemthing, and I am glad to see them gossiping, laughing, and playing simple childhood games.

The girlish talks are common at home. The facewash and bodyshowers are of different brands. The hair dos change every day. The younger one has gifted her box shoes, a pair of trousers, and a t-shirt. She will wake up tomorrow morning with ballons on walls. Rest of us waiting for her to go to bed and then we could get the decoration and a home-cooked cake baked.

Happy Birthday to my elder daughter. Welcome to adulthood.

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