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Work Pressure

At work, pressures can be of 3 types- Atmospheric pressure, Boss pressure and Task pressure.

There is only so much that we can do about atmospheric pressure. As per medical science a healthy human body builds its own pressure within, which offsets the pressure from outside. If the pressure within is higher compared to outside pressure, you suffer from high blood pressure and vice versa.

Some of us consider boss management an important trait in our work life. Managing boss has its own pressure. Will he like what I have done? Why does h/she not like what I do? Is he unsure about my capabilities? Moment of we tend to impress/influence others with our actions, loci of control lies outside. Theoretically, loci of control should lie within us.

Basic principle on which capitalist societies are built is “Invisible hand” – Adam Smith referred to the natural force (invisible hand) that drives every individual to maximize self-interest by competing for scarce resources. Why do we then need bosses? Is Boss a “scarce resource”? The reason we do not act on basics i.e. work hard, be sincere and truthful.

Task pressure is the pressure to complete the task at hand, best if it’s executed effectively and completed on time. Task pressure runs high in most of us throughout our working lives. Tasks are testimony to ones capabilities since task well performed gives us promotions, increments and appreciation (momentarily).

An Urdu shayari that goes well for people with Task pressure- Maktab-e-ishq ka dastoor nirala dekhaa… Us ko chutti na mili jis ne sabaq yaad kia

Of all the pressures hence I wish only for TASK PRESSURE

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