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Workouts- settling for a routine

Last year in April, I started focusing on running as exercise over cycling. I chose Punjab University ground for workouts. Unlike to my usual routine of extended but slow workouts, I opted to go for shorter but more rigorous ones. I usually did 4-5 short sprints post a 1.5 km warm-up.

This routine continued till July month, before I left for my third Ladakh trip. Post returning, I exercised on 4 days and gentle walks on other 3 days of the week.

After returning from the bike trip, I restarted cyling hoping to finally settle down with my favorite sport. But I could not continue with it for long. A 60 km ride made me feel so tired that I did not spend time stretching exercises later.

For remaining part of the year, I continued changing my routine every few weeks. When I chose running, I felt well exercised but usually suffered from pain in calf muscles.

Cycling gave me a moderate but extended workouts. But limited stretching post cycling made me feel heavy and dull.

Chadar trek in Jan made me walk on ice for some 70 km over a span of six days. Post returning, I continued my walks followed with extended exercises for abdomen, shoulders, legs etc.

By April, I decided to follow a mixed routine; cycling on weekends and walk and running atleast every alternate days. I have kept changing my mind. I love cycling but when I feel missing my fitness benchmark I return to running.

I am yet to settle into a particular sport. I am not sure if I need to. May be this is the best routine to follow- alternating between cycling and running every few months.

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