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Yelling at times

When did you last yell at someone to make a point? I am usually called a cool, calm guy. And I rarely loose my temper, so may be true to some extent. I mean I don’t make it evident most of the times.

The key reason for me to not loose it too often is most likely attributable to my discomfort with a conflicting situation. I usually take the agreeableness approach rather than conflict and contest. But later take a withdrawal tactics to move away. It can safely be reasoned that it may be my behavioral approach towards a conflicting situation – agree and subtly move out over a period of time. If at all I am so agreeable why would I not forget every such incident and keep it fresh in my memory?

We all live with such quandaries and have our own versions justifying our reactions. But one thing I can safely conclude – my outburst may not help others but surely help me feel lighter and justified.

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